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We provide a wide range of services and activities that promote restorative integration, socio-cultural exchange, community building, community leadership, community accountability and youth programmes.

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Our Mission

Our mission as a charity is to empower and mobilize our community in the UK to transform their lives and preserve their cultural heritage. We achieve this by providing community-centred programs and services that meet their socio-economic, intellectual, and cultural needs. We strive to enhance their civic participation and uphold their integrity as a community while contributing to the broader society in the UK.

Our Vision

Our charity’s vision is to preserve and celebrate our community’s cultural heritage while creating a welcoming and supportive home in the UK. We strive to promote intercultural relationships and understanding, building bridges between communities to create a brighter and more compassionate world.

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Hyab T. Yohannes
Abdulqadir Abdullah Idris
Fitsum Zerai
Taher Terqe
Ghergishu Awte
Mathias Gabrat
Abrehe Zemichael
Aron Merke
Bahta Tesfe
Ismail Yassin Abdurahman
Teklesenbet Fseha
Hasaballah Saeed Faraj
Said Masmer
Ghirmai Ghebru
Hamid Izaz
Maekele Merke
Weldit Gheresi
Brhane Kiflzghi